Product Import YSY Bulk Editor
Product Import YSY Bulk Editor

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Product import & bulk edit everything with Excel templates

Level up your business and unlock success by adding Product Import YSY Bulk Editor.
Increase productivity and save time by editing or updating products in bulk via excel. 
Move forward with Product Import YSY Bulk Editor & increase your sales now! 

Why install Product Import YSY Bulk?

· Migrate to your Amazon store from Shopify.

· Upload to any marketplace with a different language.

· Feed data to your store from any of your data sources, fit it into our Excel template.

·  Partial update your existing store data by individual fields, without having to re-import everything.

· Copy your data to your other stores with just one Excel file.

· Export your data to other marketplaces like Amazon, Shoppee.

· Back up your whole shop at any time.

Waste no more time, Product Import YSY Bulk Editor is an APP specifically designed to help you do this task repetitively so you can save hours of work with just a few clicks of a button. Upload, edit as many products as you want in bulk.

(1). Migrate your Amazon products to the Shopify store. 
No need to share your Amazon MWS account details and doubting deemed as a connected account.

(2).  Manage all your online products on one page.

· Pull products from your online store and they will be synced automatically after you edit them.

· Update product price.

· Update inventory.

·  Multiple images per variant SKU.

·  Update Product variants by SKU.

·  Reorder product variants.

·  Edit products from the admin page.

·  Manage parent/child variation themes

· Whatever fields you see in your Shopify Admin, you can import them and bulk-update any of those fields individually or all together.

(3). Convert to any Amazon inventory template format. 

Our APP supports selecting the products to be exported to match the Amazon Inventory template (download from your Amazon seller center). You can upload to your different Amazon stores based on some necessary changes.

(4).  Sync with Shopify store. 

Easily and quickly migrate products to your online products and sync with the online store. 
This APP has the power to pull products from the online store and help you to bulk edit in APP via one excel file, such as edit variant price, title, quantity, add multiple Images per variant to make your online store more functional, and so on. But for the exit products, have to change the status of the products twice to active the pull webhook.

Ease of use:

· One-click to add this APP.
· Anyone who can use Excel is enough to use this APP.
With a strong ability, the APP is crafted to be easy to use even for non-technical users. Install the APP effortlessly with one click. No messy integration code is required. Easily uninstall with one click at any time you want.

· 24H support.
3-day free trial
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