WDT Fancy Video Gallery
WDT Fancy Video Gallery

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Easy to show Youtube & Vimeo videos as gallery on your Store.
ideos added to the product gallery or any other menu does not appear on your Storefront and your theme doesn't support Youtube and Viemo videos? No need to worry about it, just install the WDT Fancy Video Gallery app and It will allow Youtube & Vimeo videos to appear on your Storefront.

No Coding requirements, just need to follow a simple process and everything starts to work.

Easy Dashboard:

Dashboard is very flexible and easy to add, manage everything. You can add Header for the video section, Set layout in column form like 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, etc and Also can add Youtube/Vimeo video link and respective tile. Your all added video will appear on your storefront.

Help to Boost your Sales:

Adding video respective products or any services always attract customer and can help in more sales.

Key Features

1) Add any video from YouTube or Vimeo to a product page or any other page. 
2) Automatic installation for all popular themes. No issues if you change to another theme!
3) Set layout for your added videos 
4) You may assign, enable, or disable a video feature.

3-day free trial
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