VoxFeed: Brand Advocates
VoxFeed: Brand Advocates

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Let your happy customers promote your brand on social media.
Convert your loyal customers into enthusiastic product advocates. Collaborate with them to create and share authentic social media content promoting your brand and community.

VoxFeed is a SaaS that covers the end-to-end process:
- Recruit, onboard, and manage the long-term relationship with your advocates.
  • - Segment your advocates (by age, location, interests, reach, engagement, etc) to reach just the right audience.
  • - Create and share campaigns that guide them on the types of social media messages you'd like them to communicate.
  • - Collaborate, review, approve, and schedule their content proposals.
  • - Coordinate compensation: Discounts, free product, access to special promotions, or cash - VoxFeed handles them all.
  • - Get real-time metrics about your campaign's performance.
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