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Upmail ‑ Targeted Upsell Email

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Send Upsell & Cross Sell Emails based on customer purchase
How Upmail works

  • Send Upsells & Cross-Sells to your customer based on what they just bought
With Upmail you can select a product in your Shopify Store that your customer buys (for example a T-Shirt) and setup an automation to propose a complementary product (for example Socks) immediately after the purchase. Then, here is what happens:

A customer buys the T-Shirt
  1. Upmail displays a button on the Thank You Page to propose the Socks to this customer
  2. Upmail sends an Email (or SMS) to propose the Socks to this customer
  3. The customer clicks on the link in the Email (or the Thank You Page) to buy the Socks
  4. The customer buys the Socks.

  5. Upmail Features

  • Send an Upsell Email (or SMS) based on what your customer bought.
  • Select which product triggers an Upsell or Cross-Sell event
  • Choose to display the Thank You Page button or not
  • Does not modify data in your Shopify store
Billing: What is an Upmail Click?

  • Upmail charges per Clicks
  • Only clicks made by your customers inside Upmail Email, SMS or Thank You Page button are counted as a Click
  • If a customer clicks multiple time on the same button it's counted as multiple clicks
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