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Bring the power of Tilda UI builder into your store with ease.
Empowered by Tilda

Reduce your development time and build a beautiful online store.

Tilda Sync brings the power of Tilda UI builder into your store. Tilda is the perfect tool for those who want to create beautiful responsive pages without a deep understanding of web-development and current design trends.

Construct your pages in the Tilda editor, and our Sync will import the code into your theme.

Sync behind the scene

Once configured, our app syncs all the selected pages into target themes with no action required from your side. Keep working on your design in the Tilda editor and see the updates appear in your theme, as if by magic.

Intuitive dashboard

The app allows you to configure the sync in the way you need it:

  • Select projects to be synced
  • Select particular pages or include them all from a project
  • Specify the template type for Tilda pages to take advantage of Shopify template functions
  • See when the latest successful sync has been done
  • Trigger new sync manually when needed
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