Tabify: Abandonment Protector
Tabify: Abandonment Protector

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Abandoned cart reminder using tab's title bar animation
About Cart Abandonment Protector

During the product search and browsing normally visitors end up having several tabs open on their browser. Sometimes they forget to close irrelevant tabs and leave them all open. Time to time they also switch to their social media tabs. So, this is the time to grab their attention and bring them back to your store before they completely forget or ignore your opened store. It becomes more critical when they have also added a product in the cart.

Our little app abandoned cart notification will help you to bring them back to your store by animating the text and favicon in the title bar thus helps reducing the abandoned carts. It’s an awesome cart reminder and abandonment protector tool available for free.

Abandoned Cart Reminder is Fully Customizable

  • Add custom text that you want to animate
  • Upload your own favicon image
  • Badge on favicon to show products count added in the cart
  • Choose badge animation and color scheme
  • Choose position and shape of the badge
  • Enter animation delay time to show after the certain seconds when a visitor has toggled away
Its very simple to install, customize and set up on your store. Basically, its plug n play and you don’t have to put any efforts. We have pre-configured the default settings that after installation you just need to turn it on and it will start working. We are sure that this small addition to your store will prove to be great abandonment protector tool and boost your sales.

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