Sumtracker Inventory and Bundles
Sumtracker Inventory and Bundles
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Shipment labels, tracking, returns & inventory sync
Real time Inventory update across all stores on Shopify, eBay and Etsy

  • Real time Multi channel inventory sync
  • Multiple location support
  • Inventory sync by SKU (Duplicate SKU syncing for updating inventory of multiple products on Shopify with same SKU)
  • Exclude selected products from inventory syncing (for made to order and products fulfilled by external vendors)
  • Low Stock Alerts
Inventory for bundles and kits

  • Automatically calculate stock of bundles based on stock of its components
  • Components stock automatically gets reduced when a bundle is sold
  • Combine multiple products or make smaller packages from bulk quantity. For example, you can make a bundle of 3 t-shirts. Or make 100g & 10g jars of coffee beans from 5 kg of coffee beans.
Purchase orders

  • Create purchase orders and receive stock
  • Check physical, unfulfilled (booked), and incoming stock for each SKU

  • Detailed inventory log
  • Inventory snapshot of any back date
  • Daily sales
  • Best selling products in last 7 days
  • Purchase log with rates
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