Sumtracker Orders & Inventory
Sumtracker Orders & Inventory
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Shipment labels, tracking, returns & inventory sync
Automate Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management Sumtracker helps you cherish growth instead of being worried about order fulfillment, customer updates and inventory management. Order Fulfillment - Fulfill orders in bulk - Put orders on hold automatically using order tags and payment status - Create replacement orders - Real-time inventory level updates to your Shopify store - Manage offline and B2B sales orders and invoices Shipment Management - Bulk assign AWB number and shipping labels - Generate picklists to pick stock from warehouse in bulk - Get real-time shipment status for each order on your dashboard - Syncs with Shopify for real-time shipment notifications to customers Inventory Management - Manage inventory in batches based on FIFO or FEFO method - Track incoming orders and available inventory in real-time - Kitting/Assembled/Bundled product inventory updates - Set up a Quality Control system to reject or approve stock - Real-time COGS and inventory age reports
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