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Boost sales with Instagram Stories widget
Superpower your store with Stories

Create and show stories on your store homepage, increase consumer engagement, and promote your products, categories, coupons and etc. Feel free to show everything you want.


Similar to Instagram Highlights, Storista will show tappable circles with full-screen stories. Each story can be a picture or video. If you want to change the font or size of the circles, you can do it in the dashboard easily.

Custom links

You can add links to all stories

Instagram auto-sync

You can connect your Instagram Business account and Storista will fetch new stories from your account. Use them to populate stories for your site. When you connect your Instagram account, we will also sync highlights once with links and previews.

Fast CDN

Storista using Cloudflare CDN and Workers, so customers all over the world will see stories as fast as possible.

Google Analytics support

Each time customers tap/see/close a story, we will send an event to Google Analytics automatically.

Simple integration

With few lines of code, you can integrate widget into any store theme. Our support can help you if you have struggles.

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