Sticky Add To Cart by The GAF
Sticky Add To Cart by The GAF
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Increase your revenue by having a smart sticky product bar
  • Why use this app?

    Increase your revenue by having a smart sticky product bar, which will make the potential customers pay attention to your products. This technique is applied by The big guys can’t be wrong, so check it for yourself and apply it to your site now!

    This app will know when the customer tends to scroll up & is looking to add a product to the cart. It appears at just the right time, in the right place. This is for the ultimate convenience while still keeping customers focusing on the main contents, like product description, features…etc.

    This app will increase your conversion rate by encouraging customers to add product(s) to the cart. If you notice how your address bar shrank down or disappeared when you use browsers on mobile devices like Chrome or Safari, this app works the same way.

    Modify everything you want to match your online store perfectly.


    • Fully responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop.
    • Options panel ready – no need to touch a single line of code.
    • Auto Enclose to any themes, including the most popular themes on the market.
    • Easily to turn the bar on/off on mobile as well as desktop.
    • Easily to choose bar position, top or bottom.
    • Show Sticky Add to Cart Bar on your home page.
    • You can add your custom style.
    • Simple and easy configuration.
    • Code not added into the theme.
    • Fast CDN-based performance.
    • Integrated with Google Analytics.
    • Button animations.
    • Custom CSS support.
    • Priority Email Support
Free plan available
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