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Increase your Page Speed in just one-click
Speedimize: Boost your Page Speed

Modern e-commerce stores need to be designed to deliver high-quality speed performance. Speed is an important indicator, but even more important is whether your shop meets the needs of the client. Whether it is comfortable enough to use your store. If the site is quickly rendered and ready to interact, then this creates good conditions for surfing in your store and positively impacts your SEO ranking as well. Speedimize is here to help you create a fast and comfortable store with good metrics at Page Speed Insights. User comfort is more than just download speed.

The fast store is a convenient store for all your users.

Which features of Speedimize can help you achieve these results?

  • Speed Up rendering
  • Prioritize the scripts and make them appear in order
  • Make your store faster without making sacrifices
  • Increase immediately your store with a few clicks
Speedimize optimizes the site speed and plus automates the process without contacting programmers. Knowledge of the code is not necessary. 

It collects all the connected scripts and shows them to the client. You decide for yourself which scripts to put the defer on.

You can revert all changes that were made to your theme easily with just one click. 

Integrates with Google Lighthouse.




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