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Smarty Report

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Sales report, shipping tracking, inventory , COGS and more.
Smarty reporting and analytics for Shopify

  • Smarty Report gives you instant access to manage your business easier and creates exportable reports for all functions of your store.
Main features:

  • Only ONE app for all Shopify features! don't pay different rates.
  • Accurate COGS calculation to truly know your profit. 
  • Exportable reports with drop designer
  • Real-Time shipping status updates for quicker customer service.
  • Multiple reports: Sales, sales channels & Location, inventory, and more.
  • Identify most / least profitable products
  • Tracks best-selling products 
  • Track collected tax per location
  • Track refunds/returned product 
  • Track orders and items pending fulfillment
  • Easier management of inventory levels and get alerts to restock products.
  • Total and sub-totals
  • Reports load quickly and easily synched up.
  • Identify most / least profitable products
  • Generate customer mailing lists based on purchase history
  • Save monthly transaction reports for reconciliation.
  • Our Values: Trust, innovation, and Security

  • We follow best practices to make sure your data is safe and secure. Your business data security is of our utmost importance! We got you!
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