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Skroutz Connect

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Automated XML feed for Skroutz to increase sales & visibility
About Skroutz Connect
Increase the store visibility by demonstrating store products on skroutz price comparison engine.

- One-click install & setup - you only copy the xml url to the Skroutz merchants platform
  • - Automated feed of store products, variants and types
  • - Updated feed every time a store product is updated
  • - Complete xml exporter feed which is pre-configured for Skroutz needs
  • - Filter products by different options in order to manage what is being send to the feed.
XML Feed Data
The information that the feed includes is related only with your products and your collections. The feed data consists of the following: product's name, product's url, product's price, product's availability, product's stock status, product's image, product's collection, product's type, product's manufacturer, product's SKU and product's weight.

Skroutz Platform
Skroutz is a highly recognized, well-established and innovative platform for price comparison by using cutting edge technology and by providing users with an optimal online experience. Skroutz enables its users to filter through a variety of millions of products in some thousands of shops. Skroutz visitors can compare products & prices, bookmark their favorite products, check their price history, receive live notifications and find stores near them through an intuitive web interface.

Skroutz platform is not FREE! You will be charged when a user visits the store from Skroutz. You need to create a separate Skroutz for Merchants account and link the account with the store using this app. In the merchants page of Skroutz there is a pricing page for details.

Skroutz Bestprice Xml Feed



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