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The ultimate development platform for shop automation
My friend and I have been working on Shypyard, a Shopify automation app for the last 6 months. We had the idea for this app when we were selling dog accessories on Shopify, and wanted to automate some of the manual data entry for our store, but couldn't find any existing apps that solved our problem exactly. Later on, we learned our friends also had similar custom automation needs, so they started using it too.

Some example use cases our friends have used it for:
* automatically publish inventory quantities to a Google Sheet, and auto reorder products when inventory is low
* hide product when it's out of stock, republish automatically when the product is back in stock
* setup custom promotions, such as provide a free gift when the customer purchases more than $100
* integrate ERP so e-commerce inventory is synced with retail store inventory

If you are a merchant or agency developer, and you have backend automation needs, we'd love to hear your feedback. You can also shoot me an email @ if you need help getting started.
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