Shop The Look by Smuk
Shop The Look by Smuk
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Create Multiple Looks & Tag Products To Boost Sales.
Are you frustrated that none of the product recommendation apps showcase all your products in a single look?

ShopTheLook by Smuk is an upselling Shopify App designed with "Products in a Look" mindset. Our goal is to help you improve your total sales by offering "shop the look" experience for your shoppers. Here's what you get:

Showcase various products in a look

Bring different products like shoes, bag, pants and tops in a look. Unlock the imagination for your customers.

Elegant look layouts

Beautiful and elegant layouts for your look. You can even have multiple looks for each page.

100% customizable

Everything can be customized, including where looks are displayed, the styles, the text so that everything can fit naturally with your shop.

One-click install

No coding required at all.

Free plan available
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