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#Discover SHIPROW’s Advanced System for Shipping Rate Management ## Partner your Shopify with SHIPROW and go Beyond SHIPROW is a Shopify shipping app to simplify, amplify and enhance your Shopify shipping experience. When your Shopify store is linked to the SHIPROW app, your customers will see an array of personalized and customized shipping methods with live rates to select from. They’ll also have access to international shipping, the most competitive shipping rates and a lower likelihood to abandon their carts as a result. SHIPROW’s advanced e-commerce shipping management tools will broaden your capabilities in all realms. SHIPROW is the Full-Service Shipping Solutions Company that saves you time and money on shipping so that you can spend it on your business. We’re partnered with 50+ reputable carriers to bring you options, and make selecting effortless by displaying live rates per carrier. SHIPROW has tailored plans to suit your business’s exact shipping needs, big or small, because shipping is not one-size-fits-all. ##You’re in control of what your customers pay for shipping * Set product dimension or weight, geographic zone, etc. * Set Handling Fee * Charges for Hazardous product (Ground and Air) ##Your checkout, your shipping requirements * You can ensure customers get rates from the closest shipping origin, or least shipping origins * Determine whether or not a customer’s address for delivery is commercial or residential by enabling “Automatic detection of Residential Address” * Shipping multiple products from one warehouse will be treated as one shipment * Set drop ship locations * Show Estimated Delivery time * Offer any required shipping and delivery types at checkout, like LTL freight, small parcel services, or a Lift Gate delivery truck And that’s not all, at all. We offer unique services that go above and beyond our competitors, so that your business can do the same. We ensure the smooth sailing of your customer communications, order processing, the lowest possible rates out of all competitors and everything else shipping-related. We focus on our business so that you can truly focus on yours. ##Integrates well With * ABF * FedEx LTL Freight * FedEx Small Parcel * R+L * UPS LTL Freight * UPS Small Parcel * Worldwide Express LTL Freight * Worldwide Express Small Parcel You, and Us, we’re a package deal. #SHIPROW ##You Deliver With Us.
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