SEON. Fraud Fighters
SEON. Fraud Fighters

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Automated E-commerce Fraud & Chargeback Prevention.
Eliminate Fraud & Chargebacks: Eliminate fraud, chargebacks and inventory losses by shipping to genuine customers only. We run real-time checks to flag risky orders.

Smarter Fraud Checks With AI: Automate order reviews and decline fraudulent ones. Improve conversions with smart fraud checks powered by AI & Machine Learning.

One-Click Integration & Setup: Get started in minutes without interruptions to your customer’s experience.

About SEON. Fraud Fighters

At SEON, we help online businesses to prevent losses from fraudulent orders.

Every store owner has faced or will face fraud at some point. You can prevent payment fraud and chargebacks by using our automated, real-time data checks on customers. By eliminating investigation and chargeback fees, lost payments and goods, you will reduce losses and increase profit.

How does it work?

We check 30+ social media signals in real-time, together with email, phone number, IP lookup and device fingerprinting to accurately identify real users in today's world. A fraudster cannot match this scale, depth and breadth of social and digital footprint.

Combined with the intelligent way we assign risk scores, we give you extra insight into making sure each order is legitimate before you fulfill them.

SEON adds another security layer to your shop, radically improves risk assessment accuracy and reduces false declines.

Key features:

  • 30+ Social Network Checks
Fraudsters won’t have a genuine social presence. SEON scans over 30 social networks in real-time revealing the social footprint of your customer.

  • Full Flexibility
SEON provides detailed information enabling you to make a quick and well-informed manual assessment. Alternatively, you can also set SEON to automatically approve or decline orders so that you can focus on running your business. Declined orders are automatically refunded and restocked.

  • AI & Machine Learning
A robust scoring engine identifies unnoticeable fraud patterns, learns and recommends new rules, helping you to fight and prevent fraud effectively. You can customize existing rules, and new rules tailored around your business will also be suggested. You will have the control to create a safelist or blocklist based on customer behavior.

  • Transparency & Predictability
From pricing, rules applied through to the decisions made by SEON, we are fully upfront and transparent. No extra costs, no implementation fees, no other hidden fees.

  • Plug & Play
Be up and running in minutes. Have access to an intelligent, robust fraud prevention solution; customizable to fit your business needs best.


Our mission is to create a fraud-free world.

To achieve this we make a robust, enterprise-grade fraud prevention solution available for online businesses of every size. No technical or fraud risk detection knowledge is required.

We are the modern fraud prevention solution trusted by over 5k partners, including innovative companies like Afterpay, Patreon, Revolut, and backed by leaders in the finance and payment space. We are making our enterprise-grade fraud prevention solution available to any business size.

SEON fights fraud so you can focus on business growth.

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