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Create, Launch and Manage Your Text Messaging Campaigns
Have you been wondering how to increase your sales and get your shop to start acquiring more customers? Look no further, because Senderium has got you covered. 

Senderium is an app that will allow you to reach your customers via text message campaigns or our built-in automations. We have made our setup as easy as possible for you, so that you could just focus on your shop and not our app configurations. Once you’ve launched your campaigns and set up automations, we will provide you with in-depth statistics with all the necessary data. 

How SMS can help your business:

* Deals and coupons. Our tool will let you automatically add new coupons with your desired outcome.
* Send visual information to your clients. With our MMS feature your customers will receive information in a more interactive way. 
* Automations. Has your customer abandoned his cart? Or he hasn’t visited in quite some time? Enable automations and drive them back to your store. 
* SMS scheduling. Do you have a new item added to your shop tomorrow? Prepare in advance and schedule your campaigns. 
* Link shorteners. Our tool will automatically shorten all of your links for you, so you don’t have to send any additional messages. 
* Analytics. Our detailed in app analytics will help you see all the necessary data about your ROI. 
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