Sales Boom: 24/7 Sales Funnel
Sales Boom: 24/7 Sales Funnel

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Boost sales with instant unique offers. Make customers buy now
How do you convert more visitors into customers?

The problem with many Shopify stores is that they don't give their customers a reason to buy now.

You've put in the hard work of getting visitors to your store, but you haven't solved the most crucial part: how do you turn them into paying customers?

What is Sales Boom?

Sales Boom turns your visitors into customers by giving them a unique, limited-time offer when they enter your store.

How does Sales Boom work?

When a user lands on a product, they are instantly given a discount with a hard deadline to buy that product. After which, the sale ends and the discount goes away.

Think of it like a 24/7 salesman for your Shopify store!

There's no email marketing, no creating fixed deadline sales that you have to monitor.

Just create a campaign, select the products you want to include for the sale, the discount to be applied, and amount of time each user will have to act on your offer.

Will Sales Boom help my store?

Whether you are a new, growing store or a large, established one, Sales Boom will help you effortlessly increase your sales.

It takes just a couple of minutes to set up a campaign and Sales Boom will do the rest!

Sales Boom Features

On top of being easy and quick to set up, here is a comprehensive list of what you'll get when you start using Sales Boom:

  • One-click setup. No coding skills needed!
  • Custom deadlines. Choose the exact day, hour, and minutes when each user's sales will end.
  • Custom styles. Match every sale with your store design, colors, and logo.
  • Preview campaigns. Look at your sale's appearance on your site before it's published.
  • Multiple discount options. Discount your products by dollar or percent (works for stores with multiple currencies).
  • Sale presets. Save successful campaigns for easy reuse.
  • Sale animations. Seamlessly animate your sale into view.
  • And much more!
What are you waiting for? Transform your Shopify sales with Sales Boom today!
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