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"1-Click" Reordering by Voice
ReOrdify is a custom Amazon Alexa skill that is deployed to the Alexa Skill marketplace so that customers of Shopify merchants can easily place orders of things in their order history using a simple voice command. After a Shopify admin installs the app, they are asked to fill in a survey. This provides all the information needed to develop the skill. Using this information, we pull images, color palette and language from their store and inject that into our custom build. We then submit to Amazon for listing into the Alexa app store. - Speedy "1-click" voice ordering enables painless impulse buying from Alexa enabled devices. - Don't risk hard earned customers to short attention spans, ads or comparison shopping impulses. - Placement of your custom branded app in the fast growing Alexa Skills Marketplace supports and helps to grow your online reputation. - Don't hand any percentage of your commission to an outside marketplace. *Your* voice reordering keeps *your* customers in *your* store!
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