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QuickReply LiveChat & Chatbots
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Featured almost 2 years Ago
Automatically answer support queries on chat(Website/WhatsApp)
Are you looking for a tool that would reduce your support fatigue and at the same time increase your customers' satisfaction and boost sales? You’ve come to the right place!

Customer Interactions on Auto-Pilot
Sit back and relax ! QuickReply works 24x7 without taking any break
QuickReply uniquely merges live chat, Bots, and Marketing Automation to meet the expectations of the most demanding Shopify store owners.

Ecommerce Trained Chatbots
QuickReply comes pre-trained with common but very frequent eCommerce customer queries such as order status, order cancellations, payment options, delivery estimated, coupons, shipping fee, etc.

Ready-to-Use Conversational Campaigns
With Ready-to-Use Conversational Campaigns, you can sell, up-sell, resell and recover abandoned cart. QuickReply comes pre-configured with these campaigns
- Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • - Order Updates in realtime
  • - Collect Feedback
  • - Reminders for next purchase

Integrations with eCommerce Stack
QuickReply has integrations available with all your eCommerce business tools such as eCommerce Store, Logistics/ Shipping Partners, Sales Channels, Payment Gateways, Marketing Tools, CRMs, Desks etc.

Seamless Bot-to-Human Transfer
AI Bots can handle most of the customer interactions all by themselves. Rest which are pertinent and unique in nature are seamlessly transferred to the human agents.

One-Inbox for all your channels
Gone are the days, when you have to open one tab for your live chat, one for Facebook Messenger, one for WhatsApp, one for Store's Order database and keep shuffling between them. Now handle all your customer communications from one panel.

Pre-fetched Customer and Order Data
Empower your customer success team with quick access to all the customer and order information within the same panel. This helps them resolve queries faster and to delight your customers.

Chatbot Builder for Custom Conversational Journeys
Create Custom Conversational Journey using a UI-based Chatbot-Builder. It comes with an extensive library of rich UI elements and provides you an easy way to define or customize your own conversational flows.

Analytics to help you improve
With Advanced Analytics, measure the platform performance and optimize your funnel.

Read more on https://quickreply.ai

Free plan available
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