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Product Scheduler Pro

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Automate Product Pricing, Tags, and Availability
Running promotions oftentimes means updating your products. The problem is these changes are made outside of the usual 9 to 5 office hours. You end up making changes during the dead of night or early morning, leaving you worried and tired.

Product Scheduler helps you automate the busy work, so you can rest easy. Simply pick a date/time for your product to go live and let us handle the publishing.


  • Schedule a date/time you'd like products to go live.
  • Schedule an end date/time you'd like products to be hidden (set as DRAFT).
  • Monitor schedules and get updates when published.
  • Edit schedules to make updates.
Key Benefits

  • Products will be automatically published on the date/time you choose.
  • Products will be automatically unpublished on the end date/time you choose.
  • Schedule price and tag changes.
  • Schedule a move from one collection to another.
  • Monitor your product updates and get event updates.
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