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Product Conversion Hero

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Conversion Hero, Product Bundle, Countdown timer, Upsell
Countdown Timer

We build a countdown timer to create scarcity to boost your sales. We have premade a couple of countdown styles that you can select and use.

Product Bundle

With the product bundle app, you can create different bundles for each product if you want. in this case, you will select a primary product and add some other products as a bundle and those bundles will show in your product page.

Product Upsell

With the product upsell app you can create some upsell bundle that you can use anywhere in your store.

Product Description Tabs / Accordion

You can use the Product description tab or accordion as you needed that will help you to make your product description more organized.

Free Shipping

With Free Shipping Option you can enable Free shipping with a price like if you put Free shipping over $100 then this price will automatically update when your customer will add any product to the cart.

Sticky Add to cart

With this feature, you will able to show the Add to cart button always on top or bottom of the page so your customer don't need to scroll up for the add to cart button

Payment icons

You will able to show payment methods icons below your add to cart button

Turst Badge

We have added some premade Trust badges that you can use under your Add to cart button to build more trust in your store.

If you are having some issues let us know.

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