PriceIntel AI‑Dynamic Pricing
PriceIntel AI‑Dynamic Pricing

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Competitor Price Monitoring and Dynamic Price Optimization
Intelligence Node developed PriceIntel AI to expand its AI-powered price intelligence, competitive price monitoring, and dynamic pricing capabilities to Shopify retailers across the world.

With our app, Shopify retailers can harness the same eCommerce insights that the world's leading retailers are using to optimize their prices. With just a few clicks, you can set up rules-based dynamic pricing and competitive benchmarking for similar and exact products against your competition and get price updates 4x daily.

Once you get onboarded onto the Shopify PriceIntel AI app, all your in-scope data gets automatically synced with the Intelligence Node console to give you a seamless, hassle-free pricing experience.

With daily custom alerts, Shopify retailers can closely monitor prices against their competitors down to the product level. The pre-set pricing rules can automatically optimize prices at all times to reflect the most competitive pricing across your entire product catalog.
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