Preciso Bid‑Smart For Merchant
Preciso Bid‑Smart For Merchant

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Featured over 2 years Ago
Precise and Prudent Online Advertising Solution for Merchants
Preciso automates product selection, display ad placement and reduces ad spend for high quality traffic.

As a new app launch, we are offering a $10000 App Review Contest for shops that trial and provide a written review.

We are limiting the pool to 500 online shops.  Winner will be announced May 2021.

App works for Shopify and WooCommerce.

Backstory: Preciso is an enterprise tool created by for global brands, redesigned for niche online retailers.

We've democratized the algorithm for independents.

Fully supported onboarding and ongoing in-house creative team - plus 1:5 matching ad spend credit unlimited during 90 day trial.
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