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The future of direct mail
Postalzoom IS the FUTURE of direct mail. The ability to send as much or as little means you can send those really special customers personalised mail or you can send bulk mail marketing letters out to your whole mailing list and it's the same process for both!

Postalzoom has been built in such a way that you can do all of this from your browser.

This means no printing, mailing labels or those pesky postage stamps. just simple and easy from any browser. Our automated process allows you to focus on what really matters; creating a great mail and sending it to a number of people for great results.

By integrating with Shopify you can pull the customers you want directly into Postalzoom using the tags you use everyday. We deal with all the printing, merging and posting of your letters.

As if it wasn't too easy to use already, we've created some great 'how to' videos on YouTube and our website to help you when setting up the ideal letter template, how to upload your data and how the overall system works.

Sign up today and start sending some great mail and even better, getting some great results.

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