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Show multiple galleries in multiple views at multiple location
Create unlimited lookbook galleries that help your visitors to find more products. A gallery is an awesome way to show off the best elements of your site and influence visitors. You can create and configure the lookbook easily, and it allows your store to have as many lookbooks.

How does it help?

Using the app you can create unlimited galleries with images only via a simple upload process. This app offers good features to customize your gallery and satisfied your expectations. It supports Grid, List, Masonry, Slider, and Collage layouts with caption & alt properties. Not only this but you can customize each gallery based on your desired settings.

Why choose the Picca Lookbook app?

  • Unlimited Galleries: Admin can create unlimited galleries with unlimited images
  • Multiple Types: There is a total of 5 different types of the lookbook like list, slider, grid, masonry, and collage.
  • One-click setup: Admin can setup the lookbook at any page and blog automatically via one click.
  • Manual setup: If the admin wants to show the lookbook anywhere in the store then, we provide the manual shortcode.
  • Mobile Responsive: The lookbook galleries are responsive on any device and theme.
Feature Highlights

  • Allow multiple galleries lookbook anywhere in your store.
  • Different types of the lookbook style
  • Automatic and Manual lookbook installation
  • It allows adding custom CSS directly from the app backend
  • Admin can upload multiple images via drag and drop feature
  • All gallery allows adding title and descriptions
  • Each gallery option has its own settings like set width, mobile width, margin, etc.

Free plan available
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