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SMS Notification And Order Verification For Philippines
Order validation is important for your business especially when you are offering COD - cash on delivery to your customers. We tend to have fake orders and this can be a headache. This is why we have developed Order sentry - An All In One SMS Auto Notification And Order Verification App.

Order sentry will help you stop fake orders by verifying orders via OTP. Not only that, Order sentry also helps you establish customer trust through SMS notifications and updates.

Order sentry aims to take away the extra hassle when it comes to updating your customers about their orders and also protecting you from fake orders.

Who Is This App For?

The app is built for every merchant selling on Shopify who wishes to verify the phone numbers of their customer to avoid FAKE orders or non-legit phone numbers. We help you to do this using OTP

How Does Order Confirmation Work?

  • Customer places an order on your store
  • Order Sentry sends an OTP link for verification
  • Customer will now verify your order
  • Order Sentry adds a tag to your store order letting you know if it is verified or not
SMS Notifications

You can send SMS notifications customized the way you want it using Order Sentry. You can send a notification to your customer when an order is made in your store

Shipment SMS

You can send an SMS notification to your customer, Customized the way you want it when you ship an order. You can include the tracking number and courier tracking URL. This will be done automatically once you enter the fulfillment details such as tracking links and numbers. You do not need a staff to do this for you.

OTP Order Verification

Once an order is made, You can send a link to verify the order. COD customers receive a link to confirm their orders instantly and automatically after checkout. This double-confirms their intent to buy.

Simple Yet Understandable Dashboard

You have a dashboard to provide you the details of your activity including your remaining SMS credits and how many orders were confirmed using our app as well. Making it easy to manage your business on autopilot.

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