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Self-Insure against Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Deliveries.
Navidium is a self-service platform designed to give you the tools to create a self-funded shipping protection plan and manage incoming claims from your customers. (We are not an Insurance Company, and do NOT Underwrite plans.)

We built this app as merchants ourselves, in an attempt to offset the rising cost of shipping and to increase our bottom line. We found over the last year that customers were willing to pay a little more as peace of mind that if anything happened to their order we would reship it or reimburse them. In fact, on average we found we were keeping the vast majority of the funds at the end of each month as profit, all while offering our customers stellar support. So, we decided to open what we built for ourselves to our fellow merchants.

  • Collect Package Protection Fees during Cart or Checkout (Plus Stores)
  • Use the funds collected to offset the occasional lost, stolen, or damaged packages.
  • Keep remaining funds as profit when you don't have to pay out claims.
  • App Monthly Fees pays for itself within a few days of orders!
Benefits of Navidium

  • Fully integrated and seamless claims management system
  • Plug & Play Installation
  • You keep all the shipping protection revenue
  • Increase your average order basket + Bottom Line
  • Full Reporting & Analytics
  • Control the entire process from Protection fees to managing how you handle claims.

How Navidium Is Different

We set out with the clear idea that as Merchants and Business Owners customer support is key! We wanted our merchants to own the entire process and not have their customers chase down insurance providers, shipping carriers, etc. We also wanted our merchants to actually profit and add bottom-line revenue to their monthly profit & loss.

  • Keep All The Protection Plan Revenue
  • Manage the entire Claims Process with no 3rd Parties Involved
  • Flexible tools to Make your protection plans seamless to your business
  • Collect valuable data on your customers' shipping experience
In Summary

It's no secret that packages get marked as delivered by carriers, and customers say they never received it. As Brands, we value our customer experiences and do what we can to support our customers. This may mean reshipping an item, or sometimes refunding it. At the same time, customers want peace of mind and have been proven to be open to spending a few dollars extra to give them that peace of mind.

Navidium seamlessly gives you the tools to do just that. Add a small optional fee to your customer's baskets, and allow them to get that little extra peace of mind. If something doesn't go wrong, Great! You just profited. On the rare occasion that a claim is made, well, you now have the funds to cover that. It's really that simple.

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