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Custom Rates for Local Delivery & Pickup with Date and Time
All in one solution for local delivery and pickup

MOKIT helps merchants with customizable local delivery rates and pickups. Your customers will experience a simple checkout with our app.


  • Multiple locations with pickup and/or delivery options
  • Pickup date and time options
  • Pickup opening days and times
  • Pickup preperation times
  • Disabled dates for pickup
  • Free, Fixed, Weight and Value based pricing for pickup orders
  • Discounts and min order amounts
  • Local delivery date and time options
  • Local delivery opening days and times
  • Local delivery preperation times
  • Disabled dates for local delivery
  • Free, Fixed, Weight and Value based pricing for delivery orders
  • Zip code regions with different pricing and discounts
  • Min order based on different zip code region
  • Discounted delivery rates for region and/or on a min amount
  • Translations
  • Widget customizations
  • Mobile friendly calendar and time picker in users browser language
  • Unlimited locations
  • Filter for orders by location
  • Free Installation service in all themes
  • Live chat/support for all customers
14-day free trial
Zip code Local delivery Pickup Custom rates



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