Malla: TikTok Style Storefront
Malla: TikTok Style Storefront

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Sell more with a TikTok inspired storefront
Taking advantage of the new short video frenzy, with Malla you can build a TikTok-style storefront with which the possibilities are endless. Malla is a TikTok-inspired, Shopify app that offers the possibility to showcase your story in another way and try to sell more with videos.

Video as an e-commerce tool

Showcasing your products the right way can ascertain a difference in the success of your business. TikTok has turned into a fundamental part of the entertaining video community for sharing creative videos. This type of content is popular and sought-after in social media today. Now, you can showcase your own Shopify products in the same fun and trending way with Malla and thus try and increase your conversion rate.

Social Media Bio feature

Creating your product links and content is just the tip of the iceberg that Malla offers. Now that you’ve created your unique animated storefront, you need to share it for it to reach your customers. For this, you can add it on any of your social media bios, so when a potential visitor visits your profile can directly go to your product links and browse through them.

Reviews as comments

TikTok's comment section is entertainment on its own and users spend hours going through them. So why not showcase your reviews as comments in a comment style box, that will remind your customers of something in their everyday life.

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Tiktok Video Link in bio Marketing



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