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Easy database marketing built to boost your sales
We understand how tough marketing can be. You’re competing against global giants with multi million marketing budgets, when really, it’s your awesome store that deserves all the attention. So let’s fix that. We’re here to help you contact the right customers, at the right time, with the right offer, at the right price. Developing quality customer relationships is crucial and that means sending relevant messages to the right people and understanding what makes your customers tick. But you’ve also got to measure success: how each marketing channel performs and how best to drive sales, increase CLTV, reduce churn and hit those sales targets, all within your marketing budget. That sounds overwhelming but not with Machine Labs, the marketing experts, on your side. Do you want to create campaigns that convert, save hours of time and turn your marketing plan into an automated sales engine? You’ve come to the right place. → Seamless Start-up • A 1-click integration with Shopify imports all your historic order data, so you’ll be up and running in minutes. • Input your sales targets and smash them as each online and offline campaign contributes to your bottom line. • Make life easier with our user-friendly interface, built-in AI and five-star customer support along the way. → Send Better Emails • Our emails not only stand out from the crowd visually, with better email deliverability to ensure they get seen – they’re also designed to drive traffic to your store and increase conversions. • Smart segmentation refines your mailing list to group customers with similar order values and frequencies. Avoid giving a great offer to a customer who’s likely to purchase at full price anyway and get smarter by attracting the right customer with the right message. • From welcome emails to abandoned cart emails, win-back opportunities and order anniversary offers, use our pre-made flows or create custom flows with virtually any trigger and send super targeted emails to make your customers feel valued when it matters the most. • Preview your emails on 10 devices to ensure your message falls into their inbox, looking how you’d want it to. → Stay on top of the numbers • With real-time order analytics, track coupon redemption to understand which campaigns convert, and delve into cohort analysis for powerful insights into how each audience segment behaves over time. • We show you the metrics that matter: open rates, click-through rates, new orders vs repeat orders, cost per order, AOV, refund percentages and more. → Grow your business • Truly understand your customers and what gets them buying, then use this to engage prospects and acquire new customers. • Pre-schedule your campaigns, sit back, relax and let Machine Labs database marketing rocket your sales.
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