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Stop bots from clicking your ads and protect your store today!
Loop CyberSecurity Bot Protect is a premium fraud preventive tool for businesses of any size.

How does it work?

  • Loop CyberSecurity Bot Protect uses artificial intelligence in combination with state of the art browser diagnostics. The app carefully inspects each web visitor. If the app detects something unusual, it lets you know. Our app then relays this information to both your Google and Facebook ads account, signaling to their platforms to make your ad inaccessible to this “visitor” going forward.
Why choose Loop CyberSecurity Bot Protect?

  • Traditional bot preventive companies don't optimize. Instead they focus on detecting bots after they've clicked your ad and then attempt to request a refund on your behalf. Because their tools don't optimize, you will continue to experience the same negative results preventing you from scaling.
  • Loop CyberSecurity Bot Protect focuses on a different approach. We stop known bots BEFORE they click on your ad and continue to optimize against the new bots that are produced everyday. With this approach you can continue to rapidly scale your business without worrying about drawbacks.
Does our app work right away?

  • Yes! When you sign up, you don't only receive the tools to protect you from further click fraud, but also an entire database of bots we've collected. Upon connecting to your Facebook ads manager account, or your Google analytics, the app will relay our database of bots letting Facebook and Google know that you do NOT want to show your ad to these people.
No need for security right?

  • Wrong. Even a handful of bots can wreak havoc on your marketing campaigns. These bots are designed to act like real interested customers. They often browse your store and even add to cart. When Facebook's or Google's algorithms sees the “add to cart” action, it tags this person as a very interested customer. Then it tailors your ad delivery to show to MORE of this time of person (not to mention retargeting). This is why Loop CyberSecurity Bot Protect puts a major emphasis on stopping bots BEFORE the click integrating with Paid Ads services such as Google or Facebook.
Don't be a victim. Get protected in less than 5 minutes with Loop CyberSecurity Bot Protect's premium security app today!

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