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Reduce loading times by SECONDS. Lazy Loading Done Right.
A DEDICATED 1-CLICK Enable Lazy Loading App
Customers HATE slow sites. By deferring offscreen images you instantly speed up your site by seconds and improve page speed which is great for SEO ranking.

Benefits of Lazy Loading Description Images
Including images in a product description is a great way to communicate information to a potential buyer. However, these images almost always affect page load times in a negative way. By lazy loading, you delay these images from loading until the visitor scrolls down to the image. By doing this, you improve customer experience by displaying a fast loading and responsive web page.

Why Choose Lazify?

The only app made just for lazy loading
We are a Shopify app solely dedicated to lazy loading. So what does this mean for you? It means we do ONE thing, and we do it great.

One-click enable
Our app allows you to select your desired product page, select images, and press the Lazy Load button. Simple as that.

Consistent customer support
Got a query? Contact us! We're always here to help. Our Gold Standard support team will strive to assist you to our highest abilities.

2-day free trial
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