Idler ‑ Auto Price Refresher
Idler ‑ Auto Price Refresher
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Auto refreshes the store's page & shows the most recent prices
Does your store updates oftenly? Idler detects inactivity on your store's pages and refreshes them in order to display the most recent prices and information. You can also display a message before refreshing the page for your customers. Automatically Refresh Your Store On Inactivity The app waits for inactivity for a certain amount of time (to your choice), and then refreshes the page the inactive users are on. You can choose if a message will be displayed before the page will be refreshed, in order to inform the users that things have changed while they were gone. Refresh Your Store On a Scheduled Interval You can choose that your store will refresh automatically regardless of users activity. One Click Installation and Universal Support No code is required to install and use the app - One click installation. The app supports all types of Shopify stores and themes. Main Features Automatically refreshes your store when users inactivity is detected for a certain amount of time (you choose how much time) Display a customized message before refreshing Refresh the store on scheduled intervals, regardless of users activity Super easy to use and to modify. No code is required. Need Help? Want To Request A Feature? Click the 'Get Support' button at the top of this listing to send us an email. Our average response time is just a few hours! :-)
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