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Convert inactive users to sales with magical tab animations!
You know these times where customers surf your store, add some stuff to the cart and suddenly disappear? HocusFocus is here to the rescue! Recover Sales - Draw Back Inactive Customers Get back your customers' attention with a custom text, favicon and animation that simply can't be ignored by the human eye. Whenever a customer will switch your store's tab to another one, the browser tab title of your store will be replaced with custom, animated text and favicon that will be seen by the customer who left the tab. When the customer will get back to your store's tab, the original title and favicon will be restored. Fully Customizable You can fully customize the text, animation and favicon that will appear when customers will switch from your store's tab to another one. You can also choose the rule when will the app get into action: When customers switch to another tab When customers switch to another tab and have 1 or more items in their cart Always - When customers in your store's tab or another one Need Help? Want To Request A Feature? Click the 'Get Support' button at the top of this listing to send us an email. Our average response time is just a few hours! :-)
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