Greatshub Shipping Calculator
Greatshub Shipping Calculator
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Shipping Calculator Cart, Free Shipping Bars and Notification
About greatshub shipping calculator and Bar title notification. Greatshub allows you to create fully custom shipping boxes in your store that create the need to add more products to get free shipping.

How does the Greatshub shipping calculator feature work exactly? Greatshub shipping calculator is two type. By quantity and amount. After the app has been installed, you will have default settings for free shipping box and It's just right under the "Add to Cart" button. When you activated It, customer's will see a free shipping box and the amount they are need to add to item then get free shipping. After they add any product to the cart, the free shipping box will update itself automatically then show remaining quantity.

Title Bar Notification Detect if browser tab is active or user has switched away. The title of page changes when the tab change.

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