GreatsHub: Rewards & Loyalty
GreatsHub: Rewards & Loyalty
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Loyalty programs to encourage points, rewards and referral
Rewards & Loyalty build an engaging and modern rewards program experience that seamlessly aligns with your existing brand. Loyalty programs to encourage points, rewards and referral. Enhancement conversions with point allow and reward your customers in our loyalty program. Engage customers with loyalty & rewards programs. build your strong customer relationships using branded GreatsHub: Rewards & Loyalty.

Build your points and referrals program in minutes, awarding points for:

  1. Points

      • Purchases
      • Sign-ups
      • Every Order
      • Reviews
      • Referred Customer
      • Referrals/ refer-a-friend
      • Social follows, likes & tags
      • Birthdays
      • Rewards

  • Fix Amount Off 
  • Percentage Off 
  • Free Shipping 
GreatsHub: Rewards & Loyalty: strengthen the customer-brand relationships, increase repeat purchases, boost engagement using convertible loyalty points.

Reward with points and discounts for sharing your store and following your social media pages. Increase engagement with gently and points expiration reminders.

10-day free trial
Greatshub: rewards & loyalty Rewards & loyalty Increase repeat purchases Boost engagement using convertible loyalty points. Referrals/ refer-a-friend



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