GDPR Legal Cookie
GDPR Legal Cookie
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GDPR & CCPA Cookie consent banner approved by Attorneys at Law
Do you sell in the EU or California? Then you need a GDPR compliant cookie banner by law. This app was tested by a member of the data protection committee of the Federal Chamber of Attorneys. It is the only App in this Appstore, which corresponds to the GDPR rules. this app... complies with the general regulations for the use of a cookie banner prevents the setting of cookies that you have not agreed to. prevents cookies and all javascripts that are used for tracking. respects the privacy of the store visitor. this app is .... easy to install guides you through the installation process quickly no coding necessary. The app does everything fully automated. 100% customizable design with a customizer as you know. This app is recommended by numerous institutions in the EU as the only cookie banner app on the Shopify appstore that complies with the regulations. Features: fully customizable design Texts, legal links customizable Settings for opt-in and opt-out White listing Language of the store adjustable
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