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Easily create shopping lists and sell in a bulk to customers
Problem / Opportunity

Problems of customers in Shopify online stores:

  • unsatisfied need of the buyer when it is necessary to choose and buy a set of products
  • time used to form the cart
  • search difficulty for complementary and unrelated products or collections
  • lack of opportunity to get a list of products on one page that can be bought together as a group or bundle
  • lack of understanding of which goods belong to the group and the inability to choose only the necessary products
Problems of store owners:

  • lost opportunities increasing the average order value
  • standard functions of the online store can not improve the customer experience, so store owners spend time with employees on consultations, assistance in forming an order, processing the negative by customers
  • loss of buyers, low conversion
  • lack of possibility to import and synchronize group products between the online store and warehousing programs (inventory, ERP) (the feature will be added in the future releases)
Target audience:

  • Business executives and Shopify online store owners who sell batches, product groups, or have a large number of items, especially if they are difficult to assign to a single category or collection
  • marketers of retail companies, eCommerce consultants, service marketing companies
  • service companies that specialize in creating Shopify online stores for their customers
Group products, bundles, or pre-prepared shopping lists in terms of marketing meet the needs of buyers and increase customer experience.

The experience gained in making large purchases easily and quickly helps to keep the customer who will be happy to return to this online store, solving such business problems as customer retention and increasing LTV.

From the buyer's point of view, the quick shopping list looks like a regular paper or compact price list in excel, only in electronic form on the Shopify website with the ability to select the number of required items and instantly send them to the cart. And all this without leaving the page. In addition, by studying the wishes of our customers, we add and test other features, such as searching by name, model, or search for options, product attributes, various types of product list, as well as functionality.

Stay with us and our Shopify app and we will improve your sales together. Your eCommerce development partner Foridev with new brand MCom - solutions for mobile commerce.

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