Automated Pricing Intelligence
Automated Pricing Intelligence

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Competitors Discovery & Monitoring | Price Tracking & Analysis
Gain a sustainable advantage.

Keeping up with dynamic, constantly changing competitor prices isn’t easy. With pricing being such a key part of a purchaser’s decision, whoever dominates this space rules the market.

With EcoPrice Analytics, you’re always in the know. Discover and monitor competitor products and pricing in real-time, and get key actionable insights to ensure you have the winning strategy.

Let’s keep it as our little secret. Shhhh!

What you'll get with EcoPrice:

  • Plug & Play installation

No lengthy installation, and it’s fully automated – forget manually adding tons of URLs to track competitors!
  • Seamless Selection

Easily select competitors with full marketplace support – or add custom competitors
  • Actionable Insights

Make decisions based on competitor pricing strategies and consumer behavior
  • Powerful AI

Automatically match competitor products with powerful AI search algorithms unavailable elsewhere
Free plan available
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