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Display the unit price of products and create upsell offers
Want to provide price per unit to your customers? Or increase your sales? EazApp - Unit Price & Upsells is your source for reliable unit prices for all your products and an easy way to increase sales.

We have the tools you need to ensure you have the most up-to-date, accurate product unit pricing at all times. You can input the information fast and easily through our super-simple settings platform.

We’ve also built in an ultra-powerful sales tool to help you increase your sales. With the Upsells feature, you can show how much the customer can save by adding another product to the basket. You can also show the customer how much they save if they are buying in bulk. The savings are shown next to the product so the customer quickly can see how much they can save by adding just one more item to the basket.

Everything is automated. You can link and unlink products with just one click. You can show the unit price per:

  • Per unit
  • Meter
  • Kilogram
  • Liter
  • lb
  • oz
  • etc.
Prices of variants are set up automatically with the price you entered.
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