Easy AR+3D Product Previews
Easy AR+3D Product Previews
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Shoppers envision products in their homes with 3D holograms
About Nvzn Augmented Reality

People who shop on your site can now see how your products look in their home, yard or patio through the magic of Nvzn Augmented Reality. Implement this plugin and your customers can use their smartphones to envision realistic, real-scale virtual models in and around their home. Does it fit? Is the color right? Does it go well with the décor? Trying before they buy gives them the confidence to take action and make the purchase, and less likely to return.

How it Works

Nvzn AR runs on the web browsers of billions of smartphones around the world today without the encumbrance of installing apps. From your site's product detail pages, the user taps the Virtual View sticky bar to open the 3D player where they can use touch gestures to rotate, zoom and examine the product. From the 3D player they tap the View in Your Space button to open their camera. They just point the camera where they want to see the product and it becomes anchored to that spot. They can walk around it, examine it up close or move it to another location using touch gestures.

How it's Implemented

Implementing the plugin requires that you first open an account on the Nvzn platform. We'll help you create your 3D models from existing photos or prepare your existing models for use in AR. Each product model is then published to your Nvzn account as a subscription. In addition to strengthening your Shopify sales, your AR experiences can be surfaced in social media, blog posts and press releases and will also appear in the Nvzn portal gallery. The provided QR codes can be added to packaging, documentation or print ads. These alternative uses of your AR experiences will drive traffic to your Shopify store through linkages.

From the Shopify plugin admin panel you simply associate the product with the Nvzn subscription to activate the service on the product page. You can implement Nvzn AR for any or all of your products. There's no commitment and you can end the subscription any time.

How to Get Started

To create an account visit the Nvzn site and follow the link to Get Started.

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