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Create and add draft and custom orders directly within POS
Create And Add Draft Or Custom Orders To Shopify POS With Draft Or Customer Orders For Shopify POS, you can create a new or add an existing draft or custom order to your cart in POS. On POS, simply open the app, create a new or search for the draft/custom order that you want to add, review the details of the order (such as respective customer, line items, and applied discount), and add it to the cart. All the features you need After speaking to numerous merchants, we've listened and incorporated many features to help you and your business continue to be successful with POS. - Search through all of your draft or custom orders - Create new draft orders directly from POS, no need to go into Admin anymore - View the contents of all draft and custom orders, and edit any draft order (*editing only applicable for draft orders created through the app*) - Select a customer, add any line item, set a discount for any draft order - In addition to adding existing products as a line item to a draft order, you can now create any custom service or product as a line item to a draft order without it saving as a product in Shopify Admin - Add any draft or custom order (and all of it's contents) to your POS cart - Automatically remove draft/custom orders when checkout is completed on the POS device - Works on any POS device Missing A Feature? We love feedback and we'd love to hear about your experience. If we are missing a feature that you need, let us know and we will do our best to add it to the app.
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