Disputifier: Smart Chargebacks
Disputifier: Smart Chargebacks
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Chargeback Automation & Analytics.
Disputifier takes the headaches out of chargebacks with automated responses and easy-to-understand analytics.

How Does It Work?

Whenever you get a chargeback, our system analyzes the chargeback and customer who opened it. It creates a customized response based on the chargeback reason, fraud analysis, fulfillment status, and more. You’ll be notified when the response is ready, and you’ll be able to quickly copy the response, download relevant screenshots (like fraud analysis and tracking page), and submit the chargeback response.

Customer Follow-Ups

Banks look favorably upon responses that include screenshots of customer conversations. We know this is time consuming, so we’ll contact the customer on your behalf and send them a customized message in order to resolve the chargeback. Plus, we’ll screenshot the conversation and make it available for you to download!

Personalized Notifications

Choose which chargebacks you’d like to get notified about. For example, if you’d like us to email you whenever you receive a chargeback over $200, or whenever you receive a chargeback for an unfulfilled order (preventing you from shipping this and losing money).

Customizable Templates

If you don’t want to use one of our pre-built responses, you don’t have to! You can modify the templates to automatically build responses how you see fit.

Advanced Analytics

Find out exactly how much money you’re losing and how much money you’re recovering from chargebacks. Easily understand your win rate, dispute ratio, and other essential metrics to running a profitable e-commerce store.

The Highlights

  • Proven responses for EVERY type of chargeback (fraudulent, order not received, etc.).
  • Understand exactly where you are losing money & how to fix that.
  • Answer chargebacks with extreme efficiency and ease.
Get Started Quickly

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to start answering (and winning) chargebacks shortly after downloading!

Note: Currently supports Shopify Payments. Additional payment processors coming soon!

Free plan available
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