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Analytics for Products, Collections, Sessions, Orders & more
Dhatma Analytics simplifies your life by providing pre-made enterprise-level reports that cover your entire business, at a fraction of what it would normally cost you. By combining customer behavior data with your order history we compute insightful reports that you only find in global e-commerce companies.

## Product Analytics
We tell you how visible each product is so you can uncover a vast array of business insights, like:
* conversions generated by product detail views
* products that are never seen by any of your customers
* products that are seen, but never clicked
* products that are seen, clicked but never bought

All reports are segmented by Product Types, Vendors, and Product Tags, providing a 360° perspective on your product offering. With price range analysis, ASP, and APP you can keep your product offering aligned with your customers' price expectations.

## Web Analytics
Google Analytics Universal has been awesome. It’s been the reporting tool that sustained the entire internet for more than 15 years. But it has become outdated, slow, too complex, with too few sessions recorded due to ad blockers and data sampling, a privacy killer, and, above all else, will be discontinued in 2023. 

That’s why we’ve built our own web analytics tracker from scratch. It captures more sessions, is simpler, quicker, and it cares about your customers' privacy. We capture all the usual data like Sessions, Session Conversion Rate, Revenue per Session, UTMs, Locations, Tech, individual product or collection views and conversions, and more.

## Collections Analytics
When your entire store’s traffic is monitored, you get accurate information drilled down to each individual collection: how many customers interact with each collection, conversions from listing to product detail view, how much revenue each collection generates, which products are seen and which aren't, and so forth.

## Order Reports
All your order and customer history is imported, making it easy to do a deep dive analysis on your Purchase Frequency or Repeat Purchase rate. Find out when you receive most orders, from which UTM or location, product distribution per order, sources, and many more. 

## Search Analytics
Find out what your customers are searching for, what products they are looking at, and which they buy.

## Financial Analytics
A quick overview of your Financial numbers, from sales to discounts, profit and margin. 

We're enthusiastic to help you onboard, answer any questions you may have, and listen to your feedback. You can schedule a call with us anytime on our website or drop us an email, before or after you install Dhatma Analytics. 
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