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Featured about 2 years Ago
Native like Dark Mode/Night mode experience for your store
Go all in on lights out. Increase sales & boost revenue. Welcome to the dark side!

Why Use Dark Mode?

There are a lot of reasons for you to fall in love with our app. Have a look!

  • Attract your store visitors with a stunning dark mode experience. Make them spend more time in your store and give an eye-pleasing shopping experience. Easy to enable (literally a button click!)

  • Works with native device preference of Dark Mode Using Dark Mode on iOS/Android device? Expect the store in Dark Mode. When your potential customer is checking your store late at night - we'll automatically serve the dark mode using the "OS Aware Dark Mode feature."

  • Dark Mode works automatically without going into any complicated settings. Works across all operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS. No settings are needed. If your store's visitor has dark mode turned on even in their phone - they'll see the Dark Mode!

  • The app intelligently detects device preferences and dynamically delivers a handcrafted, expert-designed dark mode experience for your visitors.

  • Dark Mode supports all major operating system's native Dark Mode, including iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows 10.

  • Instant supports and lifetime updates.

Highlight Features:-

1. Easy to Use

You are just a few clicks away from creating an amazing dark mode experience for your store visitors. Just install the app and see the magic!.

2. OS Aware Color Mode

Shop Dark Mode app automatically shows the dark mode in your store if the OS preferred theme is dark. Your hassle ends here.

3. Time-Based Darkmode

Dark Mode will turn your store into dark mode based on the local time of the visitor.

4. Presets Color Schema

Quickly change the dark mode color from the predefined ready-made color schema and make your store look standout for the visitors!

5. Excludes/Include Elements

You can exclude specific elements of your store being affected by the dark mode using this ur app. Dark or light, the choice is yours!

6. Custom CSS Support

Easily edit buttons, specific sections, or background color of the store in your favorite style using the custom CSS support feature of the Shop Dark Mode app.

7. Dark Mode Based Image Support

Worried about how dark images will look in Dark Mode? Don't worry; you can have a different version of the same image using this app.

8. Floating Switch Button

You can display a dark mode floating switch button in the right or left bottom position of the store with this feature of the Shop Dark Mode app.

9. Different Switch Styles

Choose your favorite style of dark mode switch button from various options available in our Shop Dark Mode app.

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