Countly: Live Visitors Counter
Countly: Live Visitors Counter

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Show the number of real live visitors in your products pages
Show a counter with the real number of visitors that visited your store's product pages in a given time frame and create a solid social proof!

Build Trust By Showing The Real Amount of Visitors

Show customers that other people are looking at the products that they're looking at and create a sense of trust that your store is authentic and popular.

Fully Customizable

You can fully customize the design, text, and position of the visitors counter that will appear in products pages. You can choose to show it only if a certain amount of visitors have visited the product page in the time frame you set.

One-Click Installation

No technical knowledge is required at all in order to install and activate the Live Visitors Counter in your store. It will immediately start working after the installation.

Universal Support

The app supports all Shopify stores and themes.

Main Features

  • Adds a customized live visitors counter that shows the real amount of visitors in products pages
  • Customize the counter's design, text, position, and the minimum visitors a product should have in order for the counter to appear
  • Super easy to use and to modify
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