ConvertOut Ambassadors
ConvertOut Ambassadors

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Grow your sales with ambassadors, affiliates and influencers.
Manage and grow your ambassador program

Ambassadors, influencers, or affiliates are users who promote your brand and product on social media.

ConvertOut makes managing your ambassador program easy by handling:

  • Discount code generation
  • Ambassador portal where ambassadors can monitor their sales
  • Payout and commission tracking
Setup in minutes

ConvertOut is designed to work in literally minutes after you've installed it. You'll be provided a link to your ambassador portal where ambassadors can sign up and choose their promo code instantly.

For every sale that is generated with a promo code, ConvertOut will track the commission it needs to pay to the ambassador.

Ambassadors can then request payouts directly to their PayPal account.

More coming...

We're just getting started. We're constantly adding new features and listening to your feedback! Thank you for trying out our startup.

Awesome and fast support

Support is a part of our DNA. We respond to emails promptly and will try our best to meet the needs of your Shopify store.

If you need any support or customization, send us an email - we're happy to help!

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