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Automatic theme backups, change tracking and restoration.
Automatically backup your store themes and diagnose problems.

We’re sure you are aware your store theme is a critical part of your online business!

You may have also learned, probably the hard way, that it’s really easy to accidentally make a mistake when customizing your theme. Sometimes this is easily rectified and sometimes not…

Theme Shield simplifies keeping your themes safely backed up and available to restore if you need to revert to an earlier version.

After installing the app, Theme Shield will automatically detect and synchronize your store themes, then they will be available for you to explore - you can click through the various theme assets and view the file contents.

No configuration is required, Theme Shield will just quietly run in the background for when you need it.

Theme Shield automatically monitors your themes, and if a new one is created, will start synchronizing that too.

When changes are made in a synchronized theme's configuration or files, a new version is created and you can easily see which files have changes, and compare the differences in any given file between two versions. This is particularly useful, because you can zero in really quickly on the cause of problems. Once you've found the cause, it’s just a case of clicking a restore button and confirming.

You can choose to restore an entire theme as a new unpublished theme in your store ready to be published, or an individual file directly to your current published theme.

Theme Shield will help your store by:

Ensuring that if you ever need to, your theme can be easily restored in a matter of a few clicks.

  • Providing compare tools to more easily diagnose and resolve theme problems. If you know an error has been introduced in some changes made, you can easily see the relevant files, and revert those changes.

  • If you are on 'The Goods' plan, storing ALL of your theme versions and changes in a safe place for future use if you ever need.

  • Providing some peace of mind and letting you sleep easily, knowing you are protecting the investment you have made into developing your store themes!
Support & Feature Requests:

We provide active support for Theme Shield, and invite you to contact us about any questions or new features you’d like to see.

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