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Cassie ‑ Smart Chat & Helpdesk
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Centralized helpdesk with built-in best practices
The best brands know the value of an incredible customer experience
Cassie is an omnichannel customer support helpdesk for Shopify that gives immediate answers to your customer’s most popular questions. Built for ecommerce businesses who care deeply about their customers, we help you provide world-class service in a fraction of the time.

Reclaim your time (and sanity)
With Cassie, best-practice automations are live with a click. Our simple and intuitive interface puts everything you need, right where you need it - no more bouncing between tabs or endlessly scrolling through emails. And since we’re built for Shopify, you cancel, refund, and edit orders in a couple of clicks. Namaste.

Talk to your customers like a neighborhood regular
Our centralized conversations give you a 360-view of your customer. With Cassie, you’ll instantly see browse history, cart contents, previous purchases, and so much more. Recommend the right product to each customer and watch satisfaction (and revenue) soar.

Become an expert in ecommerce support
Do you know how the best brands use customer support to increase retention and word-of-mouth referrals?  We do. And with Cassie - so will you. We take the best from what other brands have already figured out and pass it on to you in the form of pre-configured automations.

  • * Email
  • * Live chat
  • * Chat bots
  • * Centralized inbox
  • * Auto-categorization of conversions
  • * Pre-configured best practice automations
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